Round Robin Activity Sheet

The present activity is designed to afford learners the opportunity to familiarise themselves with cloud artifacts and how to they be used as part of a digital investigation as well as appreciating the opportunities and obstacles in using such cloud artifacts as part of an investigation.

Learners are going to role play the role of the individual in the case previously considered in the lesson. Learners are going to effectively commit Curriculum Vitae (CV) fraud for various fictional employment advertisements for forensic investigators.


The expectations of this task are that:

  1. Learners spend 30 minutes to produce their Curriculum Vitae (CV), maximum TWO pages, for a graduate job as a Forensics investigator. For this initial step, learners are expected to devise a genuine CV for this initial part of the task that is relevant and accurate. Learners are advised to use a Software-as-a-Service application (SaaS) that supports extensions or track changes, such as Google Docs.

  2. After time has elapsed, learners should self-organise into groups of no more than SIX members and no less than FIVE members. Agree a leader, the leader should assign each person a number, starting with themselves, one through six.

  3. The leader should organise the group into a circle in their appropriate order. The instructor or lecturer will signal to start the task. Upon the signal, the leader should advise learners to pass their system with the open CV to their peer on the right.

  4. Peers should select the job advert labelled the same as their assigned number.

  5. Peers should spend FIVE minutes to reflect on the job advert and adapt the Curriculum Vitae of their peer to secure an interview. Learners should aim to make sensible changes rather tailored to the person and advert.

  6. The instructor or lecturer will advise with a ONE minute warning when time is nearly elapsed.

  7. Upon signal, the leader should then advise peers to continue in the process, i.e. pass laptop to the right with members spending FIVE minutes adapting the CV accordingly.

  8. The process should continue until the laptop is back with its original owner.

  9. Upon receiving their laptop back. If Google Docs has been used, owners should use the Chrome Extension called DraftBack to review how the Curriculum Vitae has evolved in response to the job adverts.

  10. Learners, on their own, should spend 30 minutes to generate a single presentation slide that documents the changes that were made in response to which adverts. Learners should also reflect and consider some of the potential tactics used by fellow fraudsters. Learners should provide the rationale and evidence for what they have deduced.

  11. After time has elapsed, the instructor or lecturer will collect the presentation slides. Learners are advised to ensure identification information is present in the footer of the slide.