Considering the Ross Ulbricht versus United States case


The original verdict reached in the Ross Ulbricht versus United States case was disputed and appealed against by the defendant's council.


Task 0: Form into Firms

Start-up firms that formed to generate guidelines for evidence handling should reconvene and exchange summaries of the case. Learners should spend no more than 10 minutes considering the summaries received from other learners.

Task 1: Discuss the case and handling of evidence

The expectation is that start-up firms should spend no more than 20 minutes considering and discussing the primary problems with evidence handling and behaviour of investigators.

Task 2: Application of Guidelines

Start-up firm should then apply the guidelines generated in the previous activity to the case. The start-up firm should consider whether any of the guidelines have been violated.

Start-up firm should generate ONE presentation slide, that highlights different examples of the guidelines being violated in the case. The presentation should take no more than TWO minutes to present.

Task 3: Firms present judgements

Start-up firms are required to present their judgements to the class. The leader should introduce the presentation and team members.

The lecturer will advise when to commence and will signal when ONE minute is left. The class will clap the team off the stage at the FIVE minute point as led by the lecturer. Firms are not expected to take questions during the presentation, but may be called upon during any subsequent discussion.


Start-up firms when not presenting are expected to be present and listening to the presentation given by other teams. Presentation slides generated by teams will be issued after the session completes but individuals should still make notes to support subsequent discussions.

Task 4: Guideline Refinement

Start-up firms should spend 10 minutes discussing and recalling the presentations from other start-up firms and begin to refine their guidelines.

Start-up firms should produce a ONE page summary in terms of how their guidelines are appropriate or how they intend to refine them. The summary must not exceed 250 words.