Quad Fold activity

The aim of the activity is to afford an opportunity for learners to reflect on the activities performed as well as provide feedback to the lecturer or instructor.

Task 1: Four Areas of Reflection and Feedback

Learners should take a sheet of paper. Starting in the upper-left corner and moving clockwise around the paper, learners should consider and answer the following questions:

  1. What have you learned today? Consider and document what you have actually learned from the activities today.

  2. Why was it important to learn this material? Consider and document why it was valuable to actually learn what you learned today.

  3. Illustrate what you have learned. Illustrate or demonstrate to another learner what you learned today.

  4. Follow-up. What is the most burning question you have after the activities today or what will you do next?

Task 2: Form group

Self-organise into a group with at least FOUR other learners and discuss the answers you have produced with other learners.

Task 3: Give sheet to lecturer or instructor

After discussion and the sessions ends, give the sheet with answers to the lecturer or instructor as you leave. There is no requirement to do so, but the feedback will support the lecturer or instructor in improving the session.