Flawed investigations and the Forensics Process


The aim of all digital investigations, whether they conclude in court or not, the results of the process must be admissible in a court of law. The process followed by investigators is crucial in ensuring admissibility of evidence. Consequently, in this activity learners are asked to consider flawed investigations.


Form start-up

Individuals are required to form a start-up organisation of no more than FIVE members and no less than FOUR members.

Task 1: Research characteristics of the Forensics Process

Each member of the start-up will act as resident expert for an aspect of the forensics process. Each team member should select and research one of the following aspects:

Task 2: Expert discussion on characteristics of the Forensics Process

Each expert member should meet with the expert member from other start-ups and discuss the specific aspect they have researched. Each expert member should:

Experts should reflect on the feedback they received and what they have observed in their expert discussion session when refining their expert presentation. Experts should recall that their start-up firms are relying on their presentation of research into characteristics of the Forensics process.

Task 3: Experts presentation to start-ups.

Experts should return to their start-up firm and give their presentation. The leader of the firm should then determine the appropriate running order and ask each expert within the start-up firm to present their research. The leader of the start-up firm should encourage members to ask questions as well as ensure that presentations and questions for a particular aspect do not exceed 10 minutes.