Beat the clock: Assembling Concept Maps of Forensic Process


Learners will review the comprising elements of the different stages of the forensics process. Learners will initially assemble a concept map, then attempt to beat the their previous time.


Task 0: Preparation

Learners are to form pairs to perform the activity.

Task 1: Assembling the concept map.

Pairs should:

  1. One member should take the Identification, Collection and Preservation concept and relationship sheets and the other member of the pair should take the Examination, Analysis and Presentation concept and relationship sheets. Pairs should use the scissors and follow the cutting guidelines to segment material.

  2. Spend no more than FIVE minutes attempting to assemble each of the concept maps for each of the stages. The lecturer will advise when pairs have ONE minute left for assembling the concept map and when they NO TIME left and then have to move on to the next stage.

  3. After 30 minutes has elapsed the pairs are required to clear their activity sheets.

  4. Assemble each stage as quickly as possible. The lecturer will give the signal and pairs can start. Upon completion, the pair should signal so the lecturer can confirm their entry and record their time.

  5. Pairs should continue the process for each stage until all SIX stages are complete.

  6. The lecturer will then determine the overall winners of the competition by considering the pairs that performed best across all the stages.