Appraising the Cuckoo's Egg Investigation


Learners are expected to consider the case of the Cuckoo's Egg and appraise it through considering of the qualities of a digital investigation and application of concept maps.


Task: Summarising the Cuckoo's Egg

Learners should:

  1. Gather together materials required for the activity, specifically they should ensure they have access to the The KGB, the Computer, and Me documentary, concept maps from previous activities and the summary from Understanding the Forensic process activity.

  2. Learners should spend no more than 30 minutes considering the case and applying the prior concept maps to the investigation.

  3. Learners should spend no more than 30 minutes appraising the investigation from the perspectives of Data Provenance and Integrity, Scientific Methodology, Tool Validation, Forensic Procedure and Triage.