Research Compelled Decryption and Key Disclosure Approaches for Country or Region


Teams are to consider a country or region and its legal approaches to compelled decryption and key disclosure.

Each member of the team will act as resident expert for an aspect of the legal approach to key disclosure for a country or region. Each team member should select and research one of the following aspects:

Expert members have been provided with starting questions for each research area, but should not feel constrained by these questions.

Each expert member should meet with the expert member from other start-ups and discuss the specific aspect they have researched. Each expert member should:

Experts should reflect on the feedback they received and what they have observed in their expert discussion session when refining their expert presentation.

Experts should recall that their teams are relying on their presentation of research into the specific aspect of legal approaches to undermine encryption.

Task 3: Experts presentation to teams.

Experts should return to their teams and give their presentation. The leader of the firm should then determine the appropriate running order and ask each expert within the team to present their research.

The leader of the team should encourage team members to ask questions as well as ensure that presentations and questions for a particular aspect do not exceed TEN minutes.

Task 4: Produce presentation for class

Teams are required to produce a FIVE by FIVE presentation, that is a presentation with FIVE slides that must not exceed FIVE minutes.

Teams are required produce a presentation with FIVE slides that covers FIVE specific research areas. The five slides are:

  1. **Overview of Legal Approach for Country or Region [1 minute].**
 An overview of the specific key disclosure laws for the country or region.

  2. **Motivation for adopting legal approach [1 minute].**
 Outline the stated or assumed motivation for adopting the legal approach by authorities.

  3. Novel application of the legal approach [1 minute]. Overview of the interesting aspects or distinct aspects of the legal approach or novel application of it.

  4. **Impact [1 minute].**
 The actual or envisioned impact of the key disclosure legislation on the wider world and its consequence for future investigations.

  5. **Ethical implications [1 minute].**
 The realised or potential ethical implications from the use of the resulting key disclosure legislation.

Teams are permitted to include additional slides that they briefly consider, those slides are: