Video Resources and Questions

The present video resources and questions are designed to support learners in appreciating or considering the different challenges and opportunities that emerge for forensic investigations in the shift from investigating single systems to distributed systems.

The questions are organised in relation to material present in the CyBOK.


Logical Acquisition

For example: We observed a number of individuals directly with systems attempting to extract remnants or copies of data? Is that true of cloud computing? Where computation and its outcome may pass between a number of end-points and/or services?

Authoritative Data Source

For example: Do we think we would have a good copy of a document, if the document was produced using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), such as Google Docs, instead of the native client of a word processor on a system, such as Microsoft Word?

Pervasive Logging

For example: Cloud computing involves multiple elements and these interactions are extensively logged. An aspect of cloud computing that present data for investigates to assess what actually happened rather than deduce it.

Distributed Computation

For example: Cloud computing is distributed across a number of elements rather than a single system. It is not clear, if many, if not most, of the common tools and tactics to conduct digital investigations will work effectively in the context of cloud computing.