R v Andrewes

Mr Andrewes applied for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position with an NHS hospice advertised in 2004. The advertisement stated that potential applicants must have a First Class relevant Bachelors Degree, minimum 10 years of management experience as well as 3 years experience in a senior role. Mr Andrewes applied for the position and stated in his Curriculum Vitae (CV) that he had obtained a Bachelors in Arts (BA) and Masters in Philosophy (MPhil) from the University of Bristol as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Edinburgh. Mr Andrewes also stated he had professional qualifications and was engaged in a PhD in Ethics and Management with Plymouth University. The NHS Hospice did not initially confirm the claims of Mr Andrewes and after interview he was appointed to the role. In 2015, several years after appointment, the NHS Hospice investigated and confirmed the claims made by Mr Andrewes on his Curriculum Vitae (CV) were false and details were passed to authorities. The authorities charged Mr Andrews with financial advantage via deception and fraud, these were upheld by a court that ordered repayment of £96,737.24. Mr Andrews appealed the decision on the basis he had fulfilled the role and the subsequent court agreed with Mr Andrews and granted the appeal. The Supreme Court considered the outcomes of both courts and decided that Mr Andrews would need to pay back compensation as to ensure he did not profit from his fraud while recognising he had performed a good job. The amount was upheld after calculation and consideration of an appropriate figure.