Produce Summary of Case


Learners are expected to form groups, select a case from the reading list and produce a summary and upload it in advance of the session.


Task: Summarising the case.

Teams are expected to:

  1. Access the reading list and briefly consider all the cases prior to meeting with their self-organised or pre-defined group.

  2. Meet and discuss as a group the case they want to consider in more detail or select one at random if team members have not be able to consider the material in advance.

  3. Spend no more than 30 minutes considering the case and attempting to consider salient points from the perspective of use of hash functions.

  4. Come together as a group and spend 30 minutes discussing the case prior to producing a single presentation slide that summarises the case from the perspective of use of hash functions.

  5. Groups should submit the presentation slide in advance of the next session.