Mock Application Usage Data

Learners are expected to produce mock application usage data for the present case.

Learners are expected to generate a trail of data that would support the claims made by the prosecutors in the given case. For example: consulting a review of a location tracking device.

Learners will form pairs and are going to exchange their mock application data and investigate each other. Learners should be trying to stump their peer by (1) inserting data that could be interpreted from other perspective and (2) counterfeit data designed to undermine the use of the data by investigators.

An example to the present case of how data could be interpreted from another perspective, may be the interpretation of an individual visiting several websites about location tracking devices. An interpretation could be the individual was researching the product to track their partner. An alternative interpretation could be they were researching the product to ensure the bought the best device for their own personal use.

An example to the present case of how an individual may pollute application usage data with counterfeit data may be the individual visiting several websites that sell bespoke birthday cards. The individual may argue they were shopping for a birthday gift and the location tracker was a possible option. This could be explained in-part by the individual also looking at birthday cards.

Task 1: Generate Mock Application Data

Learners have 30 minutes to generate mock application usage data. The instructor or lecturer will issue a FIVE minute warning when time has nearly elapsed.

Learners can produce the application usage data using the following methods:

Task 2: Pair-up

The instructor or lecturer will advise when time has elapsed. Take out a piece of paper and write your favourite colour in big visible letters on the paper. Get-up and wander around the class until you locate an individual with the same favourite colour. Pair with the individual and exchange mock application usage data.

Task 3: Investigate the Mock Application Usage Data

Learners should spend 15 minutes and assemble a convincing trail of usage data from the data provided, keep in mind the tactics the other learner may have performed to stump others looking at the data.

The instructor or lecturer will issue a ONE minute warning when time has nearly elapsed.

Task 4: Pitch to partner

Learners should spend FIVE minutes to outline the trail they have uncovered and their interpretation of the data to their partner.

Respective partners should communicate if this is correct or what the other has missed. Inform learners they will be issued a FIVE minute warning to swap around.

Task 5: Nominate

The instructor or lecturer will permit leaners to nominate their partner's stump. Learners should reflect and consider if the stump presented by their peer should be nominated. Nominated because it has a quality that should be shared with the class.

If the mock application usage data or stump is not worthy of nomination, learners should reflect why it is not worthy of being nominated in case the instructor or lecturer selects at random.